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TechFest is Coming November 3rd

The 285 TechConnect Radio Club is pleased to present the 2018 TechFest, coming up on Saturday, November 3rd. Please visit our TechFest page and read all about it. Or check out the TechFest Flyer. Pre-registration is encouraged – find instructions at the link, or in the flyer.

About the Club

The 285 TechConnect Radio Club - NAØTC was formed in 2006 by Steve - AIØW, Jim - KAØNZZ, and Nancy - KØNCC to provide a forum for technical discussions, presentations, and projects. We are an ARRL Special Service Club.

We want to provide a wide-range of learning for people interested in the technical and operating areas of ham radio to increase knowledge and license levels and provide a forum for technical learning and sharing of information. Everyone is welcome!

We are scheduled to be at Intercanyon Fire Protection District station #3, 8445 South Highway 285, for our 2018 regular meetings. Exceptions will be posted here.

Call for Participation

We're looking forward to a great 2018 for the club, but in order for that to happen, the club needs people to step up and help out. Specifically, we're looking for volunteers for the Fall TechFest. If you can help with this, please contact our TechFest Director, John Blakely – KEØORB.

If you would like to give a presentation at the TechFest, please contact our TechFest Program Coordinator, Jim Langsted – KCØRPS.

Call For Speakers

The club is always looking for speakers for our meetings. If you would like to share your knowledge of amateur radio operation or a related technical topic, or know of someone who can speak at one of our meetings, please contact Bill - NØCU.

2018 Meeting Schedule

Instead of having our regular meeting in December, we're having our Holiday Lunch, at J.J. Madwell's, in Conifer, on Dec. 1st.

Our next regular meeting will be on January 5th, 2019, at Fire Station #3, at 10:00 AM. We have doughnuts and coffee at 9:30.

  • January 6th:
    • Annual Elections
    • Club business discussion: TechFest, Meeting Location
    • Larry – KØNA will demonstrate hot air soldering and de-solder techniques.
  • February 3rd: Receiver Sensitivity and S-meters by Bill – NØCU
  • March 3rd: The CARBBN Mesh Network, by Jeremiah – NØKMO
  • April 7th: Bill – NØCU will talk about receiver front-end protection (PDF), and Larry – KØNA will tell us all about the latest improvements to his station
  • May 5th: Annual club anniversary party and show'n'tell. We'll have pizza and soda from JJ Madwell's. Please bring your amateur radio projects, or anything else of interest to the hobby to show off and discuss. Here are some photos from this year's party. Bill - NØCU talked about skin effect and conductance on flat conductors, and Larry - KØNA talked about S parameters and return loss.
  • June 2nd:
    • We will have a video and discussion about new receiver technology that may be the next major break through in receiver architecture. We will also discuss receiver specifications and when they are important. Your next new radio may not be a classic superheterodyne!
    • Smoke or no smoke? Will running a KW through some RG58 coax with a 3:1 SWR create smoke?
  • July - No Meeting, due to Field Day
  • August 4th: WTØDX – Bill Thomas will give a presentation on The New Digital Modes FT8 and MSK144. He will also discuss using MSK144 for 2 & 6 meter meteor scatter communications.
  • September 1st:
    • The topic for the meeting will be Smith charts. The plan is to create a crude Smith chart using our basic knowledge of transmission lines to understand how the chart works. Then using real charts and software solve problems. Finally, test the solutions using a vector network analyzer. The process should give us a better understanding of what goes on in the complex world of transmission lines.
    • Smoke or No Smoke: To improve the efficiency of a magnetic loop antenna the diameter of the tubbing use to make the loop is doubled. The capacitor for the original antenna was just adequate. Smoke or no smoke?
  • October 6th:
    • Our speaker will be Phil Atwater – KIØGL, who will talk on his work to reduce common mode currents on open line. After the meeting he will have an open house at his station which is less than a mile from Station 3 on the same road as the meeting. You can get a preview of some of his home brew equipment on his QRZ page. Slides: Reducing Common-Mode Feedline Current
    • Frank, KØFEI will have a QRP portable station up on FT8 for show and tell.
    • Larry KØNA will have his new budget friendly 200 MHz storage scope for show and tell.
    • We will have report on the final preparations for the Tech Fest.
    • Smoke or No Smoke? A 10K 15 watt bleeder resistor failed in an old radio. A 15 K 10 watt resistor was found in the junk box. Smoke or no smoke? Any hazards one needs to be aware of?
  • November 3rd: Fall Techfest
  • December 1st: Holiday Lunch

Please join us every Tuesday evening on the 145.145 repeater for the TechNet at 7PM.

Notices go to our e-mail list. To subscribe or unsubscribe, please click here.

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