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   * [[http://​​hamfests/​cpreg-swapfest|CPREG Swapfest]], Saturday, April 27th   * [[http://​​hamfests/​cpreg-swapfest|CPREG Swapfest]], Saturday, April 27th
   * [[http://​​field-day|Field Day]], June 22-23   * [[http://​​field-day|Field Day]], June 22-23
-  * [[http://​​|PPRAA Megafest]], July+  * [[http://​​megafest|PPRAA Megafest]], Saturday, July 27th
   * [[http://​​hamfests/​rocky-mountain-division-convention-utah-hamfest-1|Rocky Mountain Division Convention (Utah Hamfest)]], August 8th-10th   * [[http://​​hamfests/​rocky-mountain-division-convention-utah-hamfest-1|Rocky Mountain Division Convention (Utah Hamfest)]], August 8th-10th
-  * [[https://​​hamfest.htm|DRC Hamfest]], August+  * [[https://​​hamfest.htm|DRC Hamfest]], Sunday, August ​18th
   * [[http://​​hamfests/​wyoming-state-convention-1|Wyoming State Convention]],​ September 6th-8th.   * [[http://​​hamfests/​wyoming-state-convention-1|Wyoming State Convention]],​ September 6th-8th.
-  * [[http://​​w0dk/​barcfest_files/​barcfest.html|BARCfest]],​ October+  * [[http://​​w0dk/​barcfest_files/​barcfest.html|BARCfest]], Sunday, October ​6th
   * [[techfests|Fall Techfest]], Saturday, November 2nd   * [[techfests|Fall Techfest]], Saturday, November 2nd
   * [[http://​​hamfests-and-conventions-calendar|Check out other HamFests on ARRL]]   * [[http://​​hamfests-and-conventions-calendar|Check out other HamFests on ARRL]]
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