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 ===== Meetings ===== ===== Meetings =====
-**Note:​** ​Club meetings ​are subject to cancellation, due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. +**Note:​** ​Regular club meetings ​have been canceled, due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.
- +
-The 285 TechConnect Radio Club meets on the 1st Saturday of every month, at 10AM. Exceptions are in July due to Field Day and December for the club Holiday Luncheon. +
- +
-We usually hold our meetings at the [[http://​​|Intercanyon Fire Department]] Station #3 on US-285 about 8.5 miles southwest of C-470 and US-285 intersection,​ just before Windy Point on the north side of the highway. The address is 8445 South US 285, Morrison, CO 80465. +
- +
-Occasionally,​ due to conflicts, we need to move the meeting location. We will publish updates on the main page of this website as early as possible in the event the meeting has moved. You can also tune in to the [[Technet Radio Net|Tuesday night Technet]] for any club announcements. +
- +
-Presentation materials, when available, will be published in our [[Documents]] area. +
-==== 2020 Schedule ==== +
-  * January 4th: +
-    * Annual Elections +
-  * February 1st: Chris - NØNDF talked about, and demonstrated,​ radio test equipment; the [[http://​​ifr1200s.htm|service monitor]], [[http://​​rfmeasure/​helperinstruments_sinadder3.htm|Sinadder]],​ and [[https://​​Products/​Test%20and%20Measurement/​RF-Power-Meters/​Wattmeters-Line-Sections/​RF-Wattmeters.aspx|Bird wattmeter]] +
-  * March 7th: Mike - KØNGA presented on DMR; radio programming and operating. For a taste of DMR radio programming,​ see [[https://​​watch?​v=a0yzn2rckEo|Mike'​s introductory video]], but be aware that your radio software might look a little different, and that [[https://​​|DMR-MARC]] is somewhat different from [[https://​​|Brandmeister]]. {{ :​technical:​dmr_operating_best_practices.pdf |DMR Operating Basics & Best Practices}} +
-  * April 4th: Cancelled +
-  * **May 2nd:** Cancelled +
-  * June 6th: Chris - KEØSDR will talk about amateur radio for prepping and grid-down scenarios. +
-  * July - No Meeting, due to [[http://​​field-day|Field Day]] +
-  * August 1st: Bill - NØCU will give a talk on Transmitter Distortion & Grounding +
-  * September 5th +
-  * October 3rd +
-  * November 7th: [[TechFests|TechFest]] +
-  * December 5th: Holiday Lunch, 11AM at [[http://​​|JJ Madwell'​s]],​ 26412 Main Street, Conifer, CO. ([[https://​​maps/​o4Ewa5HsLSv|Map]])+
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