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President: Roy Wall - KØREW, has been in ham radio for 5 years. He's very active in ham radio with a particular passion for antenna building. k0rew (at)

Vice President: Bill Leonard - NØCU. NØCU (at)

Secretary/Treasurer: Craig Wilson - WØLIC, in ham radio since 1958. Craig likes hands-on projects and working with antennas in hard-to-fit places. Contact Treasurer for copies of end of year financial information or proposed budget information. rad2bee (at)

Marketing/PR, Website: Jed Baer - KDØYMG

TechNet Director: Robb Sutter - KCØZGK, is active in many aspects of ham radio. Robb loves technical aspects and hands-on projects of ham radio. Robb works hard to make the TechNet a valuable resource for all hams. goofballxx (at)

Program Committee: Bill Leonard - NØCU. NØCU (at)

Techfest Committee:

  • Director - Open Position
  • Sue Wall - KØSPW, Registration
  • Jim Langsted - KCØRPS, Speaker Coordinator
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