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President: Larry Weinstein - KØNA, has held an amateur license for over 55 years. He is a graduate of the University of Toledo with a BSEE and University of Colorado at Denver with a MSME. He worked for Johns Manville for 30 years specializing in automation and machine control. At retirement he had 18 patents to his name. Larry is retired as a firefighter with Inter Canyon Fire Rescue and does part time consulting. In his spare time he enjoys chasing DX, playing with antennas, mountaineering, and is building another kit car. larryjwein (at)

Vice President: Bill Leonard - NØCU, became interested in electronics at age 10 after building his first crystal set receiver. By age 16 he had his General license and had completed building a homebrew HF AM station with a KW amplifier. His interest in electronics motivated him to complete the BSEE & MSEE programs at UCLA which was then followed by two years of post-grad studies at the University of Arizona. As an electrical engineer, Bill spent 40 years developing missile guidance systems, satellite payloads and ground stations. Now retired, he still devotes much of his free time to ham radio. NØCU (at)

Secretary/Treasurer: Craig Wilson - WØLIC, in ham radio since 1958. Craig likes hands-on projects and working with antennas in hard-to-fit places. Contact Treasurer for copies of end of year financial information or proposed budget information. rad2bee (at)

Marketing/PR, Website: Jed Baer - KDØYMG

TechNet Director: Robb Sutter - KCØZGK, is active in many aspects of ham radio. Robb loves technical aspects and hands-on projects of ham radio. Robb works hard to make the TechNet a valuable resource for all hams. goofballxx (at)

Program Committee: Bill Leonard - NØCU. NØCU (at)

Techfest Committee:

  • Director: John Blakeley - KEØORB, jblakely (at)
  • Registration: Sue Wall - KØSPW
  • Programs: Jim Langsted - KC0RPS, KC0RPS (at)
  • Craig Wilson - WØLIC
  • Jed Baer - KDØYMG
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