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Remote Club Station

Members showed off a prototype of the Club's remote station with a demo at a technical conference this July in Denver. The demo took place at the ARRL booth at the IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and propagation. Live HF contacts were made on a Flexradio Maestro identical to the one the club is planning to purchase.

We recently completed the installation of a static IP address, and the station is ready for testing. If you'd like to be a beta tester, let the remote station committee chairman know, Mark Edwards - W0QL, w0ql (at)

Our plan for funding the station is to use a grant from the ARRL, but they denied our first grant application. We are going to re-apply for the 2nd round. In the mean-time, we will be using a loaner Flexradio Maestro, provided by Mark – WØQL.

The Club's remote station is located at the Star Haven Observatory in Strasburg, courtesy of Jim Moravec, N0COT, and will be accessible worldwide by club members.

The current configuration of our remote station:

The station currently supports Phone; digital modes, such as FT8; and CW. For CW operation, the Flexradio supports conversion of keyboard input to Morse code, but if you want to do your own keying, you'll need a key that will connect to your computer, such as a Winkeyer.

The station will be accessible via remote, through the internet, using software provided by Flexradio (free for Windows) or Mac ($150) / iOS (free). If you run Linux, you can try running the Windows software using the Wine or Crossover packages. [Ed note: I have always found Wine to be problematic; maybe the Crossover (non-Free) version is better - YMMV.]

Thanks to our club members for their tremendous help and support in achieving this goal.

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