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About the Club

The 285 TechConnect Radio Club - NAØTC was formed in 2006 by Steve - AIØW, Jim - KAØNZZ, and Nancy - KØNNC to provide a forum for technical discussions, presentations, and projects. We are an ARRL Affiliated Club.

We want to provide a wide-range of learning for people interested in the technical and operating areas of ham radio to increase knowledge and license levels and provide a forum for technical learning and sharing of information. Everyone is welcome!

Field Day

We don't do our own club site for Field Day, instead we meet up with the Colorado QRP Club out at Starhaven Observatory. For a list of Field Day sites, and more information about Field Day, please visit the ARRL Field Day page.


Please join us every Tuesday evening at 7PM on the CRA 145.145 repeater for the TechNet on-air discussion.

Mailing List

Notices go to our e-mail list. To subscribe or unsubscribe, please click here.

Ways to Support Us

The 285 TechConnect Radio Club is a participant in the Amazon Smile program. To participate, click on that link, login with your Amazon account, search for “TechConnect”, and choose our club. Then, check the box for the disclaimer:

Yes, I understand that I must always start at to support 285 Techconnect Radio Club Inc.

I've noticed that if I've not already registered a Smile program preference, Amazon will prompt when adding an item to my cart, so that would be a method for using the program on a per-purchase basis, for those who don't wish to make the club a permanent preference.

We are also registered with the King Soopers Community Rewards program. You will need to be a SooperCard participant to enroll in this program and choose our club as beneficiary. Search for the club name, or use our id number, KN433.

Member Interest Poll

We recently polled our active membership, to see what sort of topics and activities are of interest. Here are the results. Speaking of which…

Call For Speakers

The club is always looking for speakers for our meetings. If you would like to share your knowledge of amateur radio operation or a related technical topic, or know of someone who can speak at one of our meetings, please contact our speaker coordinator.

Proposal for a club-sponsored remote station

The club is working on the development and installation of a remote station for club member use. As always, we welcome offers of assistance for this effort. Please see the Remote Club Station page for more information.

2022 Meeting Schedule

We usually have regular meetings on the 1st Saturday of each month at 10AM, except July and December. Please subscribe to our mailing list for announcements.

Our next regular meeting will be on August 6th, 2022, at the remote station of club member Mark -- W0QL

The meeting is on the 2nd floor - stairs are on the right as you walk into the building. An elevator is available.

We have coffee and doughnuts available prior to the meeting.

  • January 8th: Mark – W0QL, will talk about his remote station.
  • February 5th: NanoVNA hands-on. Bring your NanoVNA and show everyone how you're using it. See what you can do with your NanoVNA! NanoVNA Slides
  • March 5th: TinySA. Hands-on with the TinySA - bring your own and see what you can do with it. We'll also have some followup on the NanoVNA as time permits.
  • April 2nd: Antenna modeling in NEC, by Larry - KØNA. Larry gave an introduction to antenna modeling, modeled a simple antenna and then experimented with the model.
  • May 7th: Club anniversary, pizza party, shown'n'tell – Please join us for our club's 16th anniversary. We'll order in pizza, and talk about ham radio. Bring your radio toys, projects, and/or gear to share with the group.
  • June 4th: Yaesu Fusion (Wires-X / C4FM), D-Star, and DMR, by Bill - WØSUN
  • July 2nd: No meeting
  • August 6th: Remote station field trip - Strasburg, CO; we'll visit both WØQL's (Mark) Remote Station, and the site of the NA0TC remote club station, which is currently in development. Specific directions to Mark's site will be posted to the club mailing list, so please subscribe to get our announcements. If you miss the announcement, or need details, please contact Tony - KØMCW, at K0MCW (at) We will also make a trip out to Starhaven Observatory, for our business meeting, and a visit to the club remote station site. Afterwards, we'll adjourn for lunch at Rookies of Strasburg, 1323 Monroe St, Strasburg CO. The schedule is:
    • 10AM - 11AM, open house at WØQL's remote station
    • 11AM - drive to Starhaven Observatory
    • 11:30AM - meeting at Starhaven Observatory
    • 12PM - adjourn meeting
  • September 3rd: Station Grounding with Bill - NØCU: Presentation Slides
  • October 1st: Space Weather and Amateur Radio, with Rob Steenburgh – ADØIU, Space Weather Prediction Center: Presentation Slides
  • November 5th: FCC RF Exposure Requirements and Calculations, with Jim - KCØRPS: Presentation Slides
  • December 3rd: Holiday Lunch, 11AM at JJ Madwell's, 26412 Main Street, Conifer, CO. (Map)

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