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The 285 TechConnect Radio Club produces an annual TechFest in November. The TechFest has 5 hours of presentations on technical topics related to amateur radio, plus a “demo corner” where club members show off some of their operating technology.

Our next TechFest will be held on Saturday, November 11th, 2017, at the Lakewood Elks Lodge, 1455 Newland Street, Lakewood, CO. TechFest runs from 9:00AM to 3:00PM, with a 1-hour break for lunch. Doors will open for registration at 8:00AM. For morning talk-in, we'll be using the 145.145 CRA Repeater.

Please pre-register by e-mail, to 285techconnect (at)


We've changed to a different room at the Elks Club. We'll be meeting in the upstairs dining room, which should be both quieter and more comfortable. Click on the image for a larger photo.

Our lineup of presentions for the TechFest is complete. We're pleased to announce the following speakers and topics:

  • KØNA - Larry Weinstein: Practical Tricks with Transformers
  • NØCU - Bill Leonard: Transmission Lines as Impedance Transformers
  • W6OAV - Bill Rinker: Small Magnetic Transmitting Loops Demystified
  • ACØKQ - Willem Schreüder: Raspberry Pi Software Defined Radio
  • ABØCD - Richard Schneider: QRP 101



We had 113 hams and soon-to-be hams at our 2015 Fall TechFest.


This year's prizes & winners

  • FT-60R dual band hand held with programing software - K0LPR
  • Diamond SX-200 SWR & POWER METER 1.8 mhz-200mhz bands - K0FYI
  • RigBlaster Nomic 58008-959 sound card interface - KE0GDS
  • Palstar DL1500 Dummy Load - N0BCB
  • Arrow Antenna 52-4S 6meter Beam - KD0YMG
  • Baofeng UV-5R Pro (for hams <17 yrs , new or studying for license hams) - KE0GDS
  • ARRL Gift Certificates - WB0IXV, KB0LMQ, K0LJW


Our 2014 Fall TechFest was held November 1, 2014. 101 hams and soon-to-be hams attended. Check out our photos.








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