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The 285 TechConnect Radio Club produces an annual TechFest in November. The TechFest has 5 hours of presentations on technical topics related to amateur radio, plus a “demo corner” where club members show off some of their operating technology.

We'll soon be starting on the planning for the 2018 TechFest. If you'd like to volunteer to help with this, please contact our TechFest Director, John Blakely – KEØORB. We can always use extra help with setup and breakdown.

If you would like to give a presentation at the TechFest, please contact our TechFest Program Coordinator, Jim Langsted - KCØRPS.


This year, the Fall TechFest will be held on November 3rd. We've started working on our plans and will be posting updates here as we have more information.

We will not be holding the TechFest at the Lakewood Elks lodge this year. We do thank them for the use of their location in previous years.

The 2018 TechFest will be held at The Bridge Church at Bear Creek, 3101 S. Kipling St. This new location offers a great room, plenty of parking. and easy access from Hwy. 285. It's just up the hill East on Dartmouth from Kipling Parkway, and South of Dartmouth. Here is a map.


  • W5WCA - Cris Alexander: Antenna Modeling and Ground Conductivity
  • W1DN - Lee Snook: DIY Transceiver Design and Construction
  • Rocky Mtn. Ham: DMR Technology and Operation
  • Building and Operating Early Wireless Transmitters
  • TBD




We had 113 hams and soon-to-be hams at our 2015 Fall TechFest.


This year's prizes & winners

  • FT-60R dual band hand held with programing software - K0LPR
  • Diamond SX-200 SWR & POWER METER 1.8 mhz-200mhz bands - K0FYI
  • RigBlaster Nomic 58008-959 sound card interface - KE0GDS
  • Palstar DL1500 Dummy Load - N0BCB
  • Arrow Antenna 52-4S 6meter Beam - KD0YMG
  • Baofeng UV-5R Pro (for hams <17 yrs , new or studying for license hams) - KE0GDS
  • ARRL Gift Certificates - WB0IXV, KB0LMQ, K0LJW


Our 2014 Fall TechFest was held November 1, 2014. 101 hams and soon-to-be hams attended. Check out our photos.








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