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The 285 TechConnect Radio Club usually meets on the 1st Saturday of every month, at 10AM. Exceptions are in July due to Field Day and December for the club Holiday Luncheon. We have doughnuts & coffee at 9:30.

Our regular meetings are held at The Bridge Church at Bear Creek. The church has a very nice meeting room, with ample parking, and is conveniently located near Hwy. 285 and Kipling St. The address is 3101 S. Kipling St., in Lakewood.

Occasionally, due to conflicts, we need to move the meeting location. We will publish updates on the main page of this website as early as possible in the event the meeting has moved, and send an announcement to our mailing list. You can also tune in to the Tuesday night Technet for any club announcements.

Presentation materials, when available, will be published in our Documents area.

2023 Schedule

  • January 7th:
    • Elections: It's time to elect club officers.
    • Club Remote Station by Mark - WØQL; Our remote station should be officially available to all members. Mark (et. al.) will present on the history, status, and operating guidelines for the station. We will also have live demonstrations from club members.
  • February 4th: Bill - NØCU; When are SWR and Reflected Power Important? Presentation slides: PPT, PDF
  • March 4th: Bill Thomas - WTØDX and Paul Sobon - NOØT; 6m Operations: The Magic Band
  • April 1st: Mark Ehr - KØEHR; Activating SOTA/POTA on QRP
  • May 6th: Club anniversary, pizza party, shown'n'tell – Please join us for our club's 17th anniversary. We'll order in pizza, and talk about ham radio. Bring your radio toys, projects, and/or gear to share with the group.
  • June 3rd: Anthony Montoya - KØMCW, The Magic Behind FT8; and Mark Ehr - KØEHR, live FT8 demo.
  • July 1st: No meeting
  • August 5th: Larry Weinstein - KØNA; Working on older equipment with high voltage power supplies.
  • September 9th: Field trip for POTA Activation
  • October 7th:
    • Bud - NØIA; Radio Recollections
    • Mark - KØEHR; Digital Hotspots
  • November 4th: TechFest
  • December 2nd: Holiday Lunch, 11:30 AM at JJ Madwell's, 26412 Main Street, Conifer, CO. (Map)

2024 Schedule

  • January 6th:
    • Elections
    • Mark Ehr - KØEHR; Microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi for Amateur Radio
  • February 3rd: Tony Montoya - KØMCW; The Magic Behind FT8, Part 2 - message decoding
  • April 6th: Jon Budoff - KFØABR and Art Bullock - NØAIU; Winlink Discussion with peer to peer demonstration
  • May 4th: Club anniversary pizza party, Show'n'Tell, Open discussion
  • June 1st:
  • July 6th: No meeting
  • August 3rd:
  • September 7th: Club field trip
  • October 5th:
  • November 2nd: TechFest
  • December 7th: December 2nd: Holiday Lunch, 11:30 AM at JJ Madwell's, 26412 Main Street, Conifer, CO. (Map)
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