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 Presentation materials, when available, will be published in our [[Documents]] area. Presentation materials, when available, will be published in our [[Documents]] area.
-==== 2021 Schedule ==== + 
-  * January 8thMark -- W0QL, will talk about his remote station+==== 2024 Schedule ==== 
-  * February 5thNanoVNA hands-onBring your NanoVNA and show everyone how you're using itSee what you can do with your NanoVNA! {{ :technical:nano_vna_-_2022_k0mcw.pdf |NanoVNA Slides}} +  * **January 6th:** 
-  * March 5th: [[|TinySA]]. Hands-on with the TinySA - bring your own and see what you can do with it. We'll also have some followup on the NanoVNA as time permits. +    * Elections -- it's time to elect [[officers|club officers]] 
-  * April 2nd: [[|Antenna modeling in NEC]], by Larry KØNALarry gave an introduction to antenna modeling, modeled a simple antenna and then experimented with the model+    * Mark Ehr - [[|KØEHR]]; Microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi for Amateur Radio 
-  * May 7th: Club anniversarypizza party, shown'n'tell -- Please join us for our club's 16th anniversary. We'll order in pizzaand talk about ham radio. Bring your radio toys, projects, and/or gear to share with the group. +  * February 3rdTony Montoya [[|KØMCW]]; The Magic Behind [[|FT8]], Part 2 - message decoding 
-  * June 4thYaesu Fusion (Wires-X / C4FM), D-Star, and DMR, by Bill - WØSUN +  * March 2ndAllen Bishop - [[|KØARK]]; [[|Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (BCARES)]] VOIP 
-  * July 2nd: No meeting +  * April 6thJon Budoff - [[|KFØABR]] and Art  Bullock [[|NØAIU]]; [[|Winlink]] Discussion with peer to peer demonstration 
-  * **August 6th:** Field trip to WØQSL's remote station +  * May 4th: Club anniversary pizza party, Show'n'TellOpen discussion 
-  * September 3rdGrounding and Bonding by Bill - NØCU +  * June 1st:  
-  * October 1stSpace Weather and Amateur Radio, with Rob Steenburgh -- ADØIU, Space Weather Prediction Center +  * July 6th: No meeting 
-  * November 5th+  * August 3rd
-  * December 3rd: Holiday Lunch, 11AM at [[|JJ Madwell's]], 26412 Main Street, Conifer, CO. ([[|Map]])+  * September 7thClub field trip 
 +  * October 5th
 +  * November 2nd[[techfests|TechFest]] 
 +  * December 7th: December 2nd: Holiday Lunch, 11:30 AM at [[|JJ Madwell's]], 26412 Main Street, Conifer, CO. ([[|Map]])
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