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President: Jim Langsted – KCØRPS, had his Novice in 1973 and then took a 30 year vacation before getting his General and Extra in the mid 2000s. He has been active in the 285 TechConnect club and EOSS since that time. Jim enjoys learning the theory of radio design. He is active on UHF, DMR, APRS, and AllStar. The HF station has been sitting idle, but is warming up as Jim's retirement approaches.

Vice President: Jed Baer - KDØYMG, kd0ymg (at) – First licensed in December, 2013, Jed currently holds a General class ticket. He mostly hangs out on 2 meters, but is working on Morse code. He enjoys building things for ham radio, particularly if it involves parts from the plumbing aisle.

Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Hasseman - KEØP

Marketing/PR, Website: Jed Baer - KDØYMG

TechNet Director: Robb Sutter - KCØZGK, is active in many aspects of ham radio. Robb loves technical aspects and hands-on projects of ham radio. Robb works hard to make the TechNet a valuable resource for all hams. goofballxx (at)

Program Coordinator: Anthony Montoya - KØMCW, had always been interested in radio but only became licensed within the last few years.  Now he is fascinated by all things radio and is actively expanding from UHF/VHF to HF bands.  In addition to radio club participation, he is active in ARES (Colorado R1D6) and a member of the Edge of Space Sciences group.

Techfest Committee: Vacant

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